How concerned should I be about it?


I found your website and felt you could provide me with some educated answers to my questions. I am 8 months pregnant.  My husband and I have been married for over 2 years.  Since becoming pregnant I have experienced floaters in my eyes, yeast infections, dry mouth, cracked and coated tongue.  This has been ongoing since July.  I had convinced myself it was HIV based on the symptoms I have read about related to HIV.
So, I took an antibody test in July and one in August at two different private labs.  Both tests were negative.
My doctors also ran a CBC with WBC differential and everything was normal. The only problem my doctors found is that I have a sick and diseased gallbladder. I also had my husband take a test in September and his result was negative.
My questions:
With three HIV tests between us and being in a committed marriage for over 2 years can these negative results be deemed reliable?
I’ve heard of HIV 2.  How concerned should I be about it?
Thank you.  I just need some piece of mind as my baby is due Dec. 16th.


it seems to me that you have made a giant and emotional “leap of doubt” in relating your symptoms to a possible HIV infection. Your symptoms can also be easily explained with more innocent and trivial causes. The three negative tests should have tranquilized you.

HIV2 is now routinely checked in the USA together with HIV1 antibodies test. You need to talk, be reassured and emotionally assisted in completing this pregnancy. Do also some self reflection on the quality of your relationship. I hope,however, that when the baby is born things will be significantly different.

Happy Holidays.

Dr. Gian

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