Gonorrhea…can you explain why my symptoms were so mild…

base_mediaDear Dr. Gian:

My girlfriend and I have been together for nine months.

We had sex for the first time on January 18, 2004. On January 26th, she went to the doctor because she suspected that she might have a bladder infection. She was prescribed an antibiotic, and then the medication was changed to another antibiotic.

We both have been monogamus the entire time of our relationship, but on October 4th my girlfriend suspected another bladder infection. She visited the doctor on October 5th and was prescribed Ciprol 1000 mg. for seven days. During that same period, I had a slight discharge and soreness in my mouth, but no pain when I urinated. I visited the doctor and explained the situation with the doctor. She ordered urine cultures for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. When I got my results, I tested positive for Gonorrhea.

We have both been treated for this. My question is what is the possibility that this was a result of being infected by a partner we had before we were together? This last time that she had sex with someone else was August 13, 2003; my last time was January 17, 2004.

In 1974, while in the military, I was diagnosed and treated for Gonorrhea. The symptoms were very apparent: discharge, burning sensation during urination, and pain. Can you explain why my symptoms this time were so mild, when the first time they were so definitive?

Thank you,

it seems to me that the most important piece of information is that you had a previous infection with the Gonococcus bacterium in 1974. Re-infection…I have seen this over and over. It may be a matter of behavior in repeating the same mistakes or it may be a matter of poorly treated primary infection, or a sign of antibiotic resistance, as recently reported in Hawaii and California, or a combination of these factors bur this is not a uncommon situation both for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. 
You do not say whether your girlfriend was also diagnosed for GC. However I see that she took a Cipro dose enough for an army and so she should be all right. May be you want to consider retesting your urine in a couple of months. 

Be well. 
Dr. Gian 



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