Do you offer this service in Canada

preferences-contact-listDr. Gian,  Do you offer this service in Canada.  I live close to buffalo new york.  Also, what is the probability of getting an STI from receiving a hand job.  No oral or other sexual / genital contact.  The girl used johnson’s baby oil (glycerin/sugar major ingredient), which i believe entered my urethra causing a UTI.  No other STI symptoms, just irritated urethra for 5 days now (diminishing with use of cranberry tablets)


sorry…the closest is Ohio and in 1200 sites across USA further south and west. We do not offer screenings in NY State. However I do feel an STI in this kind of situation is a very long shot. I hope your symptoms have subsided by now and that everything is back to normal.

Reassure yourself and stay in good health.

Dr. Gian

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